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Get Ready for Your Next Cruise: Lighthouse Point Is Open

A Glimpse Back: A Disney Cruise Adventure Awaits

I published a blog three years ago about Lighthouse Point and the highly anticipated new Disney Cruise ship, the Wish. At that time, Disney Cruise Line planned to begin work on the island in 2022, and now the company's new destination is open. Like Castaway Cay, Lighthouse Point offers an exclusive Disney island retreat with fun activities, great food, stunning beaches, an homage to the Bahamian culture, and Disney magic.

Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point. Courtesy Disney

A Caribbean Gem: Lighthouse Point Unveiled

Lighthouse Point is located on the tip of the island of Eleuthera. Marketed as a "celebration of the Bahamas," Lighthouse Point is inspired by the Caribbean country's nature, people, and artistry. Bahamian master artist Antonius Roberts commented, "The essence of Bahamian art is color, the essence is rhythm, the essence is storytelling, and our art reflects the spirit of our people. Disney has shown they understand the importance of engaging Bahamians and allowing us to share our stories and love for our country,". Disney purchased the island from the Government of the Bahamas in early 2019 and, since then, has spent many years working with scientists, local residents, environmental groups, and organizations demonstrating their commitment and respect to bring this project to life. One of the best aspects of Lighthouse Point is that it serves two purposes. One, it will be celebrated and enjoyed by many Disney Cruise Line guests as a part of their tropical sailings. Yet, almost more importantly, as Disney highlights, it will "create sustainable economic opportunities for Bahamians, protect and sustain the natural beauty of the site, celebrate culture, and help strengthen the community in Eleuthera,".

Charting Your Course to Lighthouse Point

Ready to visit the new island? There are currently over 50 cruises that one can book with Disney Cruise Line which will sail to Lighthouse Point! My family and I are really excited about visiting the island for the first time aboard the all-new Disney Treasure, which is the first of 3 new ships Disney plans to add to their fleet starting in 2024.

Screenshot viewing cruise options to Lighthouse Point
Disney Cruise Line Sailing Dates

Writing this blog is nostalgic for me and feels a bit déjà vu, considering that when I wrote the first Lighthouse Point blog I was eager to see the island and sail on the Wish. Since then I've had the opportunity to experience the Wish, yet I'm still keen to see the island but now aboard the Treasure. I'll see what the future holds. Disney really knows how to spoil their fans with new attractions, cruises, entertainment, and more. Leave your comments below about Lighthouse Point. When would you like to sail?


We’re looking to book a Disney cruise late next year! Lighthouse Point would be a really neat place to visit.

Aug 17, 2023
Replying to

That's exciting! There are so many cool destinations and every ship is gorgeous. I hope Lighthouse Point will be a part of many 2024 itineraries.

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