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Disney Wish - Concierge Level Review

Last year I had the pleasure of joining my family in October for an unforgettable experience aboard the Disney Wish during its inaugural sailing year. My mom, the original Disney fan in our family, closely followed the building of the Disney Wish and booked our trip about 2 years in advance before we set sail. We were fortunate to be able to stay in one of the concierge suites aboard the ship. Was it worth it?

Inaugural Sailing banner aboard the Disney Wish
Inaugural Sailing banner aboard the Disney Wish

Boarding and Special Concierge Lounge: A VIP Start

Our 4-night Bahamian cruise departed on October 17th from Port Canaveral. We flew into MCO and took the Disney Cruise Line magical express bus which allows concierge guests to enter first. Upon arrival at the Port, we made our way inside passing security and then into the special concierge lounge. One of the many perks of being a Concierge guest is that you can board the ship before other guests and once aboard there was an exclusive concierge-only meal available. In the lounge, we were greeted by one of the concierge level team members who answered questions and also took special requests.

Grand Hall and Stateroom: A Tribute to Cinderella and Tangled

After the brief introduction, we then entered the terminal to the Disney Wish. Beautiful from both inside and out, the Disney Wish dances between a modern yet period piece architectural style that is apparent when stepping inside the Grand Hall. Designed as a tribute to Cinderella, the Hall makes any guest feel as though they've walked into a storybook, open with endless pages to create your own magical adventure.

Concierge Check-In aboard the Disney Wish
Concierge Check-In

Grand Hall aboard the Disney Wish
Grand Hall

Our stateroom was located on Deck 12. As a tip, the Disney Wish has a handful amount of elevators that will take you directly to the 12th floor so you can either depart on the 11th and take the stairs or wait for the appropriate elevator to come. I absolutely loved our stateroom. It featured a dining area, living room, bedroom with a king-size bed, a hallway with a spacious closet, 2 full bathrooms, and an extended veranda length of the stateroom. Magical details from Tangled adorned the room including a statue of Pascal, a tiled bathroom mural depicting Rapunzel's birthday lanterns, Rapunzel's paintbrushes, and more!

Stateroom door aboard the Disney Wish
Stateroom Door

Inside a stateroom aboard the Disney Wish
Inside the Stateroom

As a family of four, we had plenty of space. At night our stateroom team lead converted the sofabed and a secret bed hidden behind compartments in the living room. Just for fun my sister and I took turns sleeping on each bed every night of the trip and I'm happy to report that both beds were comfortable!

Concierge Lounge: A Haven of Delights

One of my favorite things about being a concierge guest is the lounge. Conveniently located right across from our stateroom, the concierge lounge was opened from around 7 AM -10 PM with light meals, plenty of snacks and beverages, a full staff, and some of the most spectacular ( and private) views of the bow of the ship. As simple as it may be, the hot chocolate from the espresso maker was my favorite beverage because it was rich, creamy, and so delicious it could be a desert itself.

Concierge Lounge side aboard the Disney Wish
Concierge Lounge

As is common amongst many Disney theme parks and other destinations, cast members are from the countries they are representing. I enjoyed being able to talk to the cast members and learn about their cultures and even tips about Disney Wish. Although I am a novice French speaker, I had the opportunity to practice conversational French with one of the concierge's cast members. I just love how friendly and helpful the cast members are because it truly adds to having a memorable and enjoyable voyage.

Exclusive Theatre Access and Broadway-Quality Shows

Another one of my favorite perks about traveling concierge is that guests receive special access to the theatre performances 30 minutes before other guests. With this perk, my family and I were able to be seated between the first 3 rows every night of a performance. The Disney Wish featured three shows: 'Disney Seas the Adventure' (a fun embarkment celebration), 'Disney's The Little Mermaid, and 'Disney's Aladdin'. Each show delivered high energy from cast members, great visual and theatrical effects, and the same quality guests expect from any Disney performance. I felt as though I was watching a Broadway show every time!

Aladdin theatre show aboard the Disney Wish
Aladdin theatre show

Conclusion: A Disney Wish Come True

The Disney Wish offers families, couples, and guests of all ages an unforgettable voyage! Disney definitely knows how to spoil their guests by providing the best dining experiences, character meets, quality destinations, and of course, magic. Reality hit the day we debarked reminding me that although the vacation wasn't a dream, it truly was a wish come true. So was the concierge access worth it? I definitely think so because I enjoyed the exclusive lounge and the perks. That said, regardless of how you choose to sail on your next Disney ship, I know it will be a fantastic time!

Disney Wish vessel with Disney Cruise Line
Disney Wish


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