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Exploring the Magic of Disney Cruise Line: A Fleet Guide

If you're dreaming of a magical getaway at sea, Disney Cruise Line offers an enchanting experience like no other. With a fleet designed for families and Disney enthusiasts of all ages, each ship is a floating wonderland of entertainment, relaxation, and Disney magic. Let's set sail on a journey to explore the vessels that make up the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Disney Wish: Sailing into a New Era of Magic

A cruise ship docked at port surrounded by water
Disney Wish. Courtesy Disney
Disney Wish Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: 2022

  • Size: 144,000 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000

  • Staterooms: 1,254

The crown jewel of the Disney fleet, Disney Wish, made its maiden voyage in July 2022. This magnificent ship, with a gross tonnage of 144,000, is the largest operating vessel in the Disney Cruise Line portfolio. The Disney Wish introduces the next generation to family entertainment by boasting innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and classic storytelling. From themed spaces for kids with their favorite characters to magical settings exclusively designed for adults, the Disney Wish promises an unforgettable voyage for every member of the family.

Key Features
  • AquaMouse

  • Hyperspace Lounge

  • Wonderland and Neverland Cinemas

  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Experience

  • Worlds of Marvel

  • 1923

Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream: Majestic Sister Ships

A large black, red, and white cruise ship in the middle of open blue water
Disney Fantasy. Courtesy Disney
Disney Fantasy Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: 2012

  • Size: 129,690 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000

  • Staterooms: 1,250

A black, white, and red cruise on water with a mountain behind
Disney Dream. Courtesy Disney
Disney Dream Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: 2011

  • Size: 129,690 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000

  • Staterooms: 1,250

The dynamic duo of the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream ships share a majestic design, each with 14 decks, 1,250 luxurious staterooms, and over 1,450 friendly Disney Crew Members. These sister ships, in service for over a decade, offer fun-filled spaces for kids, delightful dining experiences, and exclusive facilities for adults. Whether it's a magical deck party or a quiet dinner for two, these vessels create enchanting memories for every guest on board.

Key Features
  • AquaDuck (Disney Fantasy)

  • Remy (Disney Fantasy & Disney Dream)

  • Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular (Disney Fantasy)

  • Animator's Palate (Disney Dream)

  • Beauty and the Beast -Stage Show (Disney Dream)

Disney Wonder and Disney Magic: Classic Charm at Sea

A long black, red, and white ship on water with a sunset in the left distance
Disney Wonder. Courtesy Disney
Disney Wonder Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: 1999

  • Size: 84,130 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,700

  • Staterooms: 875

A sunset behind a large black, red, and white cruise
Disney Magic. Courtesy Disney
Disney Magic Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: 1998

  • Size: 83,969 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,700

  • Staterooms: 875

The pioneers of Disney's debut into the cruise industry, Disney Wonder, and Disney Magic, exude 20th-century charm. With 11 decks to explore, 875 welcoming staterooms, and 950 Crew Members ready to welcome you, these ships are a testament to timeless elegance. While children enjoy a wide range of play activities and splash in the pools, adults can relish the grown-ups-only restaurants and leisure facilities. Live shows, movies, and deck parties ensure there's something for every member of the family.

Key Features
  • Tiana's Place (Disney Wonder)

  • Crown & Fin Pub (Disney Wonder)

  • Frozen, A Musical Spectacular (Disney Wonder)

  • Palo (Disney Magic)

  • Tangled: The Musical (Disney Magic)

  • Animator's Palate (Disney Magic)

Disney Treasure: A New Adventure Sailing December 2024

A view of the front of a large black cruise ship on water
Disney Treasure.. Courtesy Disney
Disney Treasure: Coming Soon to the Disney Fleet
  • Expected Maiden Voyage: December 2024

  • Size: 144,000 gross tons

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000

  • Staterooms: 1,256

The Disney Treasure, an eagerly awaited addition to the Disney Cruise Line's illustrious fleet, stands as the pinnacle of innovation and luxury. Set to embark on its maiden voyage in 2024, this extraordinary ship proudly represents the Triton class, signaling a new era in Disney seafaring adventures. Boasting a size larger than its predecessors, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the Disney Treasure is expected to accommodate over 4,000 passengers, ensuring a harmonious blend of grandeur and intimacy. With 15 decks and over 1500 crew members, there is treasure at every level aboard this magical vessel. As anticipation builds for its debut, passengers can look forward to an unparalleled maritime experience, where cutting-edge design meets the timeless enchantment that defines the Disney Cruise Line. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as the Disney Treasure charts a course for adventure, setting sail into a realm of magic and wonder on the high seas.

Key Features
  • Plaza de Coco

  • Worlds of Marvel

  • 1923

  • Disney The Tale of Moana

  • AquaMouse

  • The Haunted Parlor

Disney Cruise Line Guide: From Intimate to Grand

Two mouse mascots holding hands and wearing Captain outfits
Captain Mickey Mouse & Captain Minnie Mouse. Courtesy Disney

As Disney Cruise Line continues to enchant passengers with its fleet, each ship brings a unique blend of entertainment, luxury, and Disney charm. Whether you opt for the grandeur of Disney Wish or the classic charm of Disney Magic, a Disney cruise promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of magic and adventure on the high seas. Stay tuned for upcoming additions to the fleet, with Disney Treasure and the expansive Disney Adventure set to join the ranks, offering even more opportunities to experience the magic of Disney at sea.

Thanks for reading our Disney Cruise Line fleet guide. Contact us with questions regarding planning your next sailing. Bon voyage!


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