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Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs Review

Gideon's, Gideon's, Gideons. For months Gideon's Bakehouse seemed to be the "thing" to highlight on social media about Disney Springs. During my last trip to Walt Disney World, I finally got a taste of Gideon's Bakehouse and now I'm sharing my honest review, so let's get baking!

Brick building with a bookshelf window
Outside of Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs

Desserts Galore at Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs

The first thing to know about Gideon's is that they serve desserts - from cookies to cakes to even some really awesome beverages. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is your type of shop. Similar to some of Walt Disney World's most popular rides, Gideon's Bakehouse offers a virtual queue for guests to wait in line for callbacks into the haunting bakehouse, or you can do what I did and physically stand in line late at night after the Drawn to Life - Cirque du Soleil performance! Besides, you're never bored in the 20+minute queue with Raglan Road right next door providing Celtric live entertainment and music.

Creepy paintings hanging on a wall with a bookshelf underneath
Gideon's signature painting and decor

Unveiling Gideon's Story

My husband and I are very curious people, so we weren't going to just visit Gideon's and not learn the backstory. Our friendly Gideon's representative (who was very impressed by my husband's Imagineering vintage denim jacket) educated us on the history of Gideon's Bakehouse. For those of you who don't know, Gideon is not the name of the owner. The owner of Gideon's Bakehouse is Steve Lewis. One day, Steve came across an antique book from 1898 about a young boy named Gideon who aspired to be a baker. Although his dream was never realized during his lifetime, it is now celebrated at Gideon's Bakehouse. Upon entering Gideon's, guests are herded into another queue but this time, there's a closer glimpse of the bakery counters. Happy haunts and antique-themed artwork surround the walls, providing a Tim Burtonesque feel. There are no ghosts at Gideon's despite the gloomy and dark decor, that's all just part of the allure and theme of this unique bakehouse. Although there is one picture of a man whose likeness has been borrowed for use as Gideon's ghost mascot, rest assured, you will not be cursed by stepping inside or enjoying baked goods. One of the coolest fun facts about Gideon's Bakehouse is that Steve collects old books which adorn the walls of the shops and he has a first edition of "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe"!

A glass display with cakes
Cake Display

A old antique shelf of books.
The Gideon's Bakehouse books

A book
First edition of The Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Now, Onto the Main Course - The Food Review of Gideon's Bakehouse

Okay, enough about the decor; let's get to the part you have been waiting for - the food review. In case you are a cookie monster, Gideon's has a six cookies per-person limit so don't visit with the intention of buying everything in the store. They've been baking cookies and cakes from scratch for years, but those who have egg, dairy, gluten, wheat, and nut allergies, may want to stay away from this shop because their goods may contain any and all of those ingredients. We purchased a slice of the cinnamon caramel double frosted cake, one of the famous original chocolate chip cookies, and a peanut butter cold brew. Everything was good. It wasn't to die for or anything that I would miss when I'm not at Disney Springs, but I will return back to Gideon's. I'll also note that it's best to enjoy Gideon's on the day of purchase because it will be moist and the freshest then. Otherwise, the cake may harden.

A large chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chips on the outside
An Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

A slice of cake in a box
A slice of cake from Gideon's

The Verdict

If you like desserts and you're in Disney Springs and have free time, check out Gideon's Bakehouse. I recommend it to all to gain the experience of visiting just once, and maybe you will come back for more!


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