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Is Disney Memory Maker Worth Purchasing?

Capturing Magical Moments with Disney Memory Maker

Are you considering purchasing a Disney Memory Maker for your next vacation? It would help to buy Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker for your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort, and here's why.

Mickey Mouse Waving at Magic Kingdom
Courtesy Disney

Unveiling the Magic of Disney PhotoPass

I often joke with family that some of the most professional and beautiful pictures we've taken together are the ones from a Disney vacation. But there's actually truth behind the humor. Our pictures showcase us happy and natural, and we are. Something about being on a Disney vacation makes our smiles a little bigger. Thanks to Disney Photopass, we can look at all of the pictures and videos from our trips forever.

Exploring Memory Maker Options

Disney PhotoPass is a professional photography service that allows you to take unlimited pictures during your visit to Walt Disney World Resort. With the purchase of Memory Maker, you can download all of the photos and videos captured during your trip, enabling you to preserve the magical memories for years to come. There are three different Memory Maker options: Memory Maker One Day ($69), Memory Maker - Advanced Purchase ($169), and Memory Maker ($199). Let's talk about how it works and explore the different options.

How the Disney Memory Maker Magic Happens

Throughout the Disney theme parks, photographers are located at various iconic spots to take your picture and capture your magical moments, even through videos. Once your photos are taken, the photographer will scan your Magicband, PhotoPass card, or personal QR code to link your photos to your Disney account. Certain theme park rides will also capture your photo or create a memorable ride video during the experience, so make sure to link the photos at the end of the ride. Your photos are souvenirs of your day, and it's fun and easy to view the captured moments on your Disney account or through the My Disney Experience App, and you can do so even before purchasing Memory Maker.

Magic Kingdom Fantasy Land and Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom. Courtesy Disney

Disney Memory Maker Pricing

Now, let's discuss Memory Maker pricing. If you're visiting Walt Disney World Resort for one day or if you really want to purchase pictures from one of the several days of your trip, purchase the Memory Maker One Day option. This purchase includes all the images and videos taken from just one day, so choose wisely about which day you redeem photos. For guests who want to purchase Disney Memory Maker for their entire vacation before the trip begins, purchase the Memory Maker - Advanced Purchase option. You can save 30 dollars by purchasing Memory Maker in advance of your trip, however you have to wait three days after your purchase to activate the service, and any photos taken prior to activation will not be included in Memory Maker and must be bought separately. I usually purchase in advance because I know that our family takes great pictures throughout the vacation, and I love opportunities in which I can save money. With Memory Maker, you can purchase the service at any time during or after your trip to receive all of the pictures, magic shots, and videos taken. This is the most expensive option, but if you're still unsure about the purchase, you have some time after your trip to think about the decision. Keep in mind that all three purchase options are nonrefundable.

Memory Maker photos, videos, and magic shots will expire, so it is imperative to download everything before they do. Currently, images are available for 45 days after the date they were taken, but you might be able to purchase an expiration extension.

If you fall in love with the professional pictures taken (which you probably will), then Disney Memory Maker will be a purchase you won't regret.

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