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A Complete Guide to Disney Movie Insiders and How to Get Free Disney Goodies

I've always loved receiving gifts for free. I mean, who doesn't? I was all ears when I found out that Disney has a free rewards program for Disney entertainment lovers.

Introducing Disney Movie Insiders!

"What is it?" you ask. The program allows users to earn points by purchasing Disney movies or watching the latest Disney films in theaters. Users can then redeem points for rewards ranging from apparel and gift cards to collectibles and Disney experiences. Cool, right?

Disney Movie Rewards screenshot sign up start
Disney Movie Insiders - Home Page

Getting Started

So how does one get started? First, if you haven't already, create a Disney account or sign-up to Disney Movie Rewards directly. One of the neat features of Disney sites, is that some accounts are interconnected across different Disney websites. For example, if you already have a Disney account through either the Disney Store or Disney Parks & Travel, you can use your existing account to connect to Disney Movie Rewards. After account setup, it is really simple to start reaping Disney Rewards.

Earning Points

One of the easiest ways to start earning points is to redeem your eligible Disney movie tickets. Here's how it works. Go to a movie theater and purchase tickets to the latest Disney movie. Have fun and enjoy the movie, but you must remember to keep your movie tickets because this is key to earning points. After watching the movie, visit Disney Movie Insiders on your mobile device or desktop. Sign in to your account, click the 'Earn' tab at the top and select movie tickets. You will be directed to a page listing the latest eligible Disney movies. Hover over the image of the movie poster for the film you watched, then select 'Upload Tickets'. Now follow the instructions to submit your tickets and select the number of tickets you will submit. Disney allows you to submit up to 4 tickets to redeem points, but they must have showtime within the last 14 days to be eligible. Upon selecting your movie and ticket quantity, Disney will ask you to upload a picture of your tickets for proof review, and you're done! Within a matter of days, Disney will notify you via email that your submission has been approved, and your account will automatically be updated with points! It's that simple.

Disney Movie Insiders webpage with movie posters
Click "Upload Tickets" to start earning points

Instructions to upload your image for Disney Movie Insider points
Upload your Ticket

Users can also earn points by submitting codes from purchased Disney DVDs and Blu-Ray films, linking to partner sites, or participating in member-exclusive activities. T

Redeeming Points

Now you know how to redeem points, let me inform you what you will be redeeming the points for. As you know now, rewards are based on points. Every reward has a point value ranging from zero points to 27500 points. Rewards are also categorized by type of reward, such as toys and Blu Rays, or you can also browse rewards by point tiers. If you don't have any points, Disney offers cool rewards such as printable stickers, movie posters, and activity sheets. Earn more points to redeem rewards such as apparel, books, movie collectibles, and more! One of my favorite categories, and probably the most sought after rewards, are Experiences. Disney Experiences are exclusive offers such as a free membership to D23 (the official Disney fan club), and private VIP tours of The Walt Disney Studios. Yes, the studio where Walt Disney himself worked. Redeeming these premier rewards is possible, but it requires earning thousands of points.

A page showing rewards for Disney Movie Insiders
Search Rewards by Movies, Points and More

Explore and Enjoy!

With Disney Movie Insiders, you get the best of both worlds. One can enjoy Disney movies and earn points while doing so. Get started today!

I'd love to hear about your Disney Movie Insiders experience! Please share what rewards you've redeemed or what you're saving points for.


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